Act Now (To Meet Your Future-Self)

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Photographer: Hadija | Source: Unsplash

My future self told me —
“Act now, because
it’s the only way
we’ll meet.”

So that’s why I put effort
into each piece,
I put my full expression
into each poem
pressing out of me.

In each moment, I act to
open it as a present.
Each instance is a gift
in which I —
“Act now.”

My action?
It’s to write —
words, poems and phrases
to serve your own mind.

Words to meet your needs over time.
That you might one day turn and find
your own ‘future-self’.
Your own ‘greater power’,
your own ‘higher self’,
— what ever you call it.

I ‘act now’,
to help you on your path,
you’ve been called to —
and to fully support you on it.

And I don’t know what your ‘future-self’ is telling you,
that’s a conversation
you and the future must have.

However, looking at the past,
I know two things are true.

1. Your brighter ‘future-self’
is patiently waiting for you.


2. “Act now”
’cause it’s the only way
you two will meet.

I’m wishing you
all the best on this
heroic journey.

Peace. ✌🏽

P.S.… ‘act now’ toward your future-self.
Indeed, ‘now’ is the only place you can take action.

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