Wake Up and Write Life

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Write life
Photographer: Eugene Chystiakov | Source: Unsplash

Before sunrise
I was asked,

The page of today is blank Marcus
…what will you write?

I answered,
I’ll write of You.

I’ll write Life.

I’ll breath and speak
of what’s in front of me…
I’ll start my day with gratitude—
animated in my spirit, I’ll move

and write life.

Without judgment,
Without saying
what’s right or wrong…
…because all of it belongs.

And I’ll be right along with it.

With my pen to page
playing my role as a poet
in word arranged into phrase perfectly placed,
Or...if I change it to silence,
and simply — hold space

…I’ll write life.

Right now.
Write in this moment of how—

In order to write about life first you must live it. ~ Ernest Hemingway

All of this was given to me.
Appreciate the fact, and process
the joy of breath put into my chest,
so abundantly.

And not blind to the fact that
I’ll be broken also as I go through today.
Yet, this is what we train for
knowing, I’ll be bound back together
stronger than before.
Healed with my words
as I continue

to write life.

And in the end when
all is finished
at sunset.

I’ll put down my pen
when everything falls still.

Reflect on the once blank sheet
now filled.

With all that I made
All on the page—
Stand in awe of
my masterpiece day.

Life will say,

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. ~ Anaïs Nin
We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. ~ Anaïs Nin

You have emptied yourself Marcus.
You made the decision
to arrange me
as rhyme and rhythm.

Rest well.

Tomorrow you’ll receive
all you deserve—
you’ve earned it.
You’ve returned
all I had to give
and you multiplied all you’ve been given.

thank you…
You have lived today well
and well…
it’s a life well written.

Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life. ~ Stephen King
Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life. ~ Stephen King

Here’s an idea from Susan C Young regarding writing your life story.

You are the author of your own life story. You have the leading role and get to determine how you interact with your supporting cast and other characters.

Without realizing it, you may have allowed the events in your life to write your story for you rather than taking deliberate action to write it in your own voice.

What will it take to love your life story to create the happy endings you desire?”
~ Susan C. Young

Author your life. You have but only one.
Also know, you are the audience and actors within the pages as well.

You Are The Author Of Your Own Story

You know what we all have in common?

We each start life with a blank book.

Over time, we fill it with our own unique stories. And, you're not just a side character in your own book. You have the power to shape your story. You get to decide what goes into your book.

You’re the only one responsible for writing it.

You’re collaborating with the rest of the Universe, as well as being a part of that Universe.

  • You come up with the concept
    when you dream about your future.
  • You write it into existence
    when you live in the moment.
  • You choose which characters play a part
    when you meet new people and continue relationships.
  • And if things don't work out as planned,
    you can always edit and make changes to your story.

Ultimately, you're the one who’ll finish writing until the very end.

There's no fixed path - you write it as you go along. You have the ability to change the course of your story anytime you want.

You can make chapters shorter than expected or longer if it’s what you desire.

It’s your creation Author.

And remember, every day is an opportunity to write another page in your the story of your life.

Falling in Love with Words at a Young Age

I often wonder if Marcus Aurelius would be on social media if he lived today.

I don't think so—
And even if he did, his presence would likely be sparse and few and far between.

Wow...from back in the day in New Providence Church in the Bahamas.

One of the beauties of keeping our inner thoughts is that they remain just that - inner. They hold a certain sacredness when they’re not shared with the world (yet they are, in how we show up).

Sitting next to me right now is a pile of journals filled with my own musings from years past. I find myself flipping through their pages from time to time, and I'm always amazed at what my younger self wrote.

It's not because it's particularly well-written.
At times, profound. They’re scribblings, that’s expected.

Smiles from the Oakwood Rock Quarry in Huntsville, Alabama

More importantly, they offers a glimpse into who I was; in fullness and beauty, and even still, how much I've grown since then. Now, I understand when people would observe and see sincere nobility. I get it.

From the inside looking in...I see it now.

These journals serve as reminders of my journey and all the lessons learned along the way. They remind me that growth is a continuous process and that every step, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time, contributes to our personal development.

I encourage anyone who’s reading this,
give the gift of words to a kid.

Not in you speaking words to them, rather the gift of knowing how to process your thoughts and express them effectively. To see their character, their thoughts and experiences, and find value in reflecting on their own lived experiences.

There was a time you’d ALWAYS find me with my journal by my side.

In time, it will be inspirational—breathing life back into them.

It will be them fully, authentic with nothing to hold back.

I read my words as a young man. It’s a guy aware of his blessings and in full gratitude.

And in a literal sense, my words have kept me.

They’ve kept me.

Thank you


...your welcome.

I write from life. But the reader, you know, imports the symbols, the associations. I can't keep them out. That's how poetry works. ~ Ian McEwan

Live and write your life in integrity.
What the reader believes, that’s on them.

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