Becoming an Expert in What Matters

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“Believe me, it’s better to produce the balance-sheet of your own life than that of the grain market.”
~ Seneca, On the Shortness of Life, 18.3b
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The Daily Stoic's entry for April 14th begins with a line from Seneca’s On the Shortness of Life.

He basically tells his father-in-law, the former boss of the Roman granary, to "count and measure your life's numbers rather than those of the granary."

That's pretty cheeky, isn't it?

And get this, his father-in-law lost that position for political reasons, making the words even more hurtful.

Despite the philosopher's somewhat crude expression, he makes a valuable point worth considering.

Yes, become an expert in the market.

Have projects and start businesses. Be familiar with the flow and movement of currency.

However, regarding the 'business' and busyness that fills our lives, at the end of it all,

🔴 What expertise will be more valuableyour understanding of how to live a good life, or your knowledge of the latest Marvel movie's backstory?

🔴 Which is more beneficial to your childrena deeper understanding of happiness, or your daily descent to the bottom of an endless Instagram feed for 20 years?

Let’s remember to focus on what matters most, and work to those ends.

Control the controllable of a Stoic:
🔴 Attention / 🔴 Perception / 🔴 Action
The only things you control.

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