We Help Heroic Parents Connect Their Family Through Meaningful Communication

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Heroic Father Standing with his Two Children

At Certain Future Press, our words and stories help you in three main ways:

  • Helping You Develop Your Communication Skills
    The quality of your life is directly related to your quality of communication. This is the way you connect with your family, with those whom you work, and with yourself. When you improve your communication skills, all other aspects of your life improve.
  • Helping You Build Your Parent/Child Communication Skills
    You are your child's greatest influence. We'll share what experts have to say, however you'll connect in your own unique way. By showing up over time, you'll equip them with the skills they'll need to navigate this world on their own.
  • Helping You Share Your Values with Your Child Through Your Personal Story
    You cannot live your child’s life for them, however you can shape their perspective and outlook on life. The simplest and most effective way to do this is sharing your values through your personal stories; your authentic lived experience.
    You can be your child’s hero for a lifetime, and personal storytelling can be your superpower when done well.

The reason for the name CertainFuturePress?
Uncertainty will always be here, now and in the future. Yet, we’ll always have one certainty with us. We are certain of how our character will show up. As heroes, our virtues and values will come through in our actions, words, and stories.

The main writer at Certain Future Press is Marcus Aurelius Higgs. He’s a world-traveling poet and international educator with over 15 years experience. As a lover of words and visual arts, he now helps global families build long-term meaningful relationships by publishing poetry/picture books intended to create lasting connections.