How to Make Progress

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Photographer: Jan Kohl | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Jan Kohl | Source: Unsplash

You may feel as if
you are halfway up the mountain
however, continue to strive
to be your best,
knowing in this moment
you are a psychological success.

Because although
you’ve yet to reach the top
or realize the end,
in the present,
you are on the path
to greatness.

accept what is
and take the next step—

clear on where you want to go
and although at times not knowing
the how, you know the why
so now,

accept what is
and take the next step—

holding it in your heart
the euphoria found in the pursuit
of a more excellent way.
The delight of commitment
that lights your path
day after day
as you

accept what is
and take the next step —

moving in gratitude
in the pursuit of a worthy goal.
The unfolding of your heroic story
yet to be told,
building momentum
with the enthusiasm within
as you continue to

accept what is
and take the next step —

giving all your effort
to this good life,
to this process,
to this direction,
to this joy found now, on this journey
and not at the destination.
So yes, you

accept what is
and take the next step —

closing the gap between what is
and what can be.
and Providence promised;
when you reach the top
with the middle of the mountain below you
in the distant future vision, you’ll see

A sea of many more
mountains to climb;
and you’ll smile.

because you’ve changed
and you know,
this is not the end.
Rather, it’s day one.
and you begin again,
to, yes,

accept what is,
and take the next step.

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.

Carl Rogers

Anybody, any person whatsoever, under any circumstance whatsoever, can be a psychological success—at least in the above sense, of doing the best that one can and doing fully what one can—to be himself or herself and to accept the reality of himself or herself.

Abraham Maslow

How to Be a Psychological Success: Maslow Says ANYONE Can Do This (Heroic +1 #1,416)
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