Don’t Waste Today Hero

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Photographer: Behnam Norouzi | Source: Unsplash

Stay with it, because
there’s still more
in your heroic journey
for you to see.

Regardless of how it seems—
keep to the task of
what's important now,
while moving toward
your worthy dream.

Know, it's not in big moments
or grandiose plays.
It's in the small consistency done
day after day.

So, keep on your way—
Move forward,
with your protocol which leads to
progress on repeat.

Tools of the mind
to take action,
with Love pulsing
as your heart beats.

Look beyond
the false doubts and fears
that attempt to hold you back.
Keep in sight the daily targets to hit
and keep on track.

To create the world you want to live in,
through the pain,
and effort over time.

Every hero knows,
you will never be exonerated
from this uphill climb.
And there you find joy—
so you are all in
in this life you pursue.
You choose to live
with enthusiasm
and lead with the right attitude.

Because today is always day one,
and one day the world will see.
We will achieve
what they thought couldn't be.

Yet, it starts with just another step

To get up again
and choose
to move
and not

“My point is, no single play or single moment accomplishes anything of significance. It’s the little things done right and done repeatedly over a long period of time that add up to big results. Along with my keep moving forward mantra, my players constantly hear me say, ‘Don’t waste a day.’

It means that every day, every practice, and every moment in your life is leading you towards something. Your effort and attitude every day will determine what that something is.

Anyone one can be motivated to work hard and go after something for a day, a week, or a few months. But champions are motivated to work towards something each and every day for years and years.

Each day, you need to be moving just a little bit closer to your dream coming true. It won’t happen all at once and it won’t happen as quickly as you wish. But it will happen if you refuse to waste a day.”

~ Darrin Donnelly

Don’t Waste a Day!!: Pretty Please with Stevia on Top (Heroic +1 #1,432)

In the world of CrossFit, we have a saying: “Every rep counts.

Every little effort we put in matters towards achieving our goals.

The same principle applies to creating meaningful projects in this world.

If you have a desire to bring something into existence, it's important to understand it requires effort on your part; an exertion of a force.

Sometimes, that effort may only get you to first base. And if you consistently put in the work, eventually you'll make it all the way around and score. (This is a baseball metaphor for my international friends⚾️.) Occasionally, you might hit a home run and experience great success. However, it's important to remember the game you're playing.

For me personally, it's a game of progress—one step at a time. To help global families have the words to bring about well-being.

Seth Godin once said something along the lines of showing up today gives you permission to show up again tomorrow. It's not about seeking the biggest and grandest expression right away. Instead, what matters is granting yourself permission to keep showing up tomorrow.

And this can only happen if you make an effort and show up today!

Every small step forward counts towards your ultimate goal. Keep showing up consistently and give yourself permission to continue on this journey tomorrow.

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