Poetry 1 min read
Photographer: Brett Jordan | Source: Unsplash

My friend
shared with me
his good words and
they came to me as a gift,
lifting my soul—
breathing me back
to life.

His words left me
with a feeling there are
still volumes of words
left in my chest
ready for me
to write.

And heaven knows
I pens my solitude phrases
to save my own soul, but
it would be beyond an unpardonable sin
to the Divine, for me to hold on to these lines
as my own,
and I am

“Return good words back to the masses
as a gift, lift the people and
breath them back to life.
Because yes, there are still
volumes of words
left for you
to write.”

So, dutifully following
my calling—
I feverishly scribe
these words before
his inspiration in gone.

And for the audience who’s
made it this far, to the end
of these simple poetic
scribbles and lines;


Take time
to reflect into
your own life.
Find the beauty therein
and meet it with gratitude.

Really, close your eyes and
really appreciate as your breath moves —
take a brief moment to take a deep breath
and do it before you lose
this moment and
it’s forever

<pause…deep inhale—
slow exhale>

…and the gift
goes on.

empowerment appreciation gratitude