Honor This Moment

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Photographer: guille pozzi | Source: Unsplash

While walking
your way of life,
honor this moment
and mindfully take
your next best step

only one, toward the future
you wrote,
on this rocky road of which
you’ve been blessed.

Honor just—
this one moment,
knowing it’s Divinely given
to only you one
and the unique life of which
you are now living.

Honor this mere meager moment…
this one instant, on
your present perfect path,
of which
you’ve already seen,
from the end
to the beginning.

And in the sum of these simple
many one moments
you will soon realize
the fullness of you,
and the beauty of which
it is written.

My last day at Aramco. This was a step on the journey of life.
Just as valuable as any other.

What is this step worth?

This step is one of many, yet this one is just as valuable as the one that started this journey.

It is just as valuable as the last one when you arrive. It is just as valuable as all that have brought you here, and the many that will take you from this point.

This step...celebrate and honor it.

Before the next and after the last, THIS ONE...is a testament to your progress and growth.

Embrace it with confidence and gratitude, and keep moving forward, knowing that each step is equally important on your path of fulfillment.

In the rolling green hills of Norther of Spain where Lugo and Ourense meet

It is Written

I wrote this poem shortly after reading "The Alchemist." The line, 'it is written' (maktub), always resonated with me.

The phrase is in the present perfect tense and passive voice. It signifies an action that has been completed before this moment. It's done. And because it's passive, we don't know who did it. Was it written by me or by another power? Perhaps both.

Regardless, let us honor this step and keep moving forward.

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