Regarding Your Tests

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Photographer: Thought Catalog | Source: Unsplash

Tests are given —
not to utterly break you,
nor to make you fall.
They’re not meant to destroy you,
nor make you small.

to ask, “Of what are you made?”
to breach the weak places,
to refortified and help you
find new strength.

So embrace all the apparent
tribulations you’ve been given.
Meet your trials with Divine grace
placed on the steps of your path.
Adapt to these moments for learning,
meeting all the requirements
of what the Life asks.

Continue, and stay your course,
rebuffing these seemingly destructive forces.
Understanding through them
you will multiply your multitude of resources.

Because the journey won’t get easier
yet you do gain strength
against the resistance
over time,
if you meet your tests
with peace
on the other side,
you will be

“Our test are not meant to destroy us. Only those who are cowards, and who don't acknowledge the all-perfect image of God within, become rebellious and surrender to their trials as though these test were unconquerable destructive forces.”


4 Wise Elders: On What to Do With Challenges (Heroic +1 #1,403)
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