The Cure to ‘Writer’s Block/Constipation’

Poetry 1 min read

What if
you just

What phrases might
flow out?

What authentic fountain
would spout
from the sweet well-spring
that is your essence?

What novel arrangements
of words would your
unique being
bring forth into existence?

No pressure or stress, just
leaving the rewrite
for another time.
Leaving the meaning for
the audience to find
in their own mind.


I believe...
it would be greatness.
Beauty laid on every line,
because that’s what’s inside —
and sh*t;

beacuse that’s what you are —
beautifully human that is.

So just express it.

Press it from your inner being,
leaving nothing to remain. Keep nothing
on the inside.
Just let it go and just —

And even if
it stinks, only for
an audience of one,
that would be more
than enough.