15 Haiku’s on the Rules of Grit

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Photographer: Jon Tyson | Source: Unsplash

Rule #1: Don’t Accept Your Fate, Create Your Destiny.

Don’t accept your fate,
work with your higher forces—
Create destiny.

Rule #2: You’ll Only Achieve What You Believe You Can Achieve.

First step is: “Believe”
Start there; move with this in mind
then you will achieve.

Rule #3: Embrace the Pressure.

Embrace the pressure
and over time you will find,
diamonds are formed.

Rule #4: Finish Strong.

Last step and the first
Both important to build grit
Always finish strong

Rule #5: Find Something You Love to Do and Stick with It.

Find something you love.
Passion that fuels your soul's fire
Stick with it, succeed.

Rule #6: Keep Moving Forward.

Keep moving forward.
The path ahead may be tough—
one step is progress.

Rule #7: Put the Needs of Others Above Your Own.

Put others first; Love—
Service to community
joy in others' smiles.

Rule #8: Live for a Purpose Greater than Yourself.

Life's purpose bigger
than just your own existence—
Impact beyond you.

Rule #9: Eliminate Negative Influences.

Negative, let go.
Toxicity, cut it loose.
Positive, embrace.

Rule #10: Effort Trumps Talent.

Talent— not enough,
Know your effort will count twice;
There, greatness achieved.

Rule #11: Focus on Only the Things You Can Control.

Control what you can.
Don't worry 'bout what’s outside—
Peace in surrender.

Rule #12: Don’t Waste a Day.

Don't waste a day's gift.
Time is a precious present.
Make moments count. Live.

Rule #13: Life Is a Series of Wins and Lessons.

Life—Wins and lessons;
Victories and challenges.
Learn, grow, journey on.

Rule #14: Don’t Put Off Pursuing Your Dreams.

Dreams, don't put them off.
Tomorrow not guaranteed,
Start now, chase your dreams.

Rule #15: Don’t Quit. Don’t Ever Quit.

Don't quit, never stop;
Grit and resilience—still more,
after Mastery.

The 15 Rules of Grit: Via Darrin Donnelly’s Old School Grit (Heroic +1 #1,430)
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