Present, Not Perfect

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Photographer: Priscilla Du Preez | Source: Unsplash

I need you
to be—

present, not perfect.

You just being here
is more than complete,
and completely worth it.
And I know,
in this moment
you may not be able to meet all my needs
but now you meet the most important one for me—
And that’s simply
for us to be—

present, not perfect.

we are pass
the stress of conflict.
We are beyond
the state of brokenness.
And yes,
I can bare the burden of loneliness on my own;
But I’m asking kindly,
if you can hold this space with me
because I need you to be—

present, not perfect.

And if you leave,
I won’t see it as neglect.
And if you move on
and choose not to connect.
Regardless of what it may seem,
I know I’m responsible to meet my own needs;
Yet, if you can answer this one bid for me
I’m asking if you could
just please be—

present, not perfect.

Being present with the family, after a perfect night with some ballon art.

I kept this simple phrase in mind which greatly helped me as I sincerely served ‘growing humans’, while all the world was falling around me.

May this mantra help you find solace in your time of need as you server the young ones you care about where you are.

The poem is inspired by a wonderful podcast/conversation between Dr. Aliza and renowned neuropsychiatrist and author Dr. Dan Siegel on the Raising Good Human Podcast. Dr. Siegal continues his life’s work conversation on Self, intraconnectedness, and parenting.

S3 Ep 4: Present, Not Perfect with Dr. Dan Siegel
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