A Point in Love’s Infinite Flow

Poetry 1 min read
You are a Point Through Which an Infinite Source of Love Can Flow

Close your eyes
and visualize this
just for a moment.

There is a vast, continual
cascading light
of Love’s

And in this stream
a single point appears —
a flicker of life.

Your being.
You are born
and into your soul
there is a perpetual pouring of
unlimited Love.

With eyes still close,
continue to imagine —

You take it all in,
and you grow.
You break, and Love fills
the broken places,
as you are shown
more of your being.

You take in Love
and you grow.
You break,
And Love flows,
filling the empty spaces.

You grow.

As this Love pours into your life
it fills your being;
floods your body,
from the soles of your feet
to the crown of your mind.

This—shining Love, then
presses against the inside
of your chest,
builds, then bursts
disperses to radiate
upon the whole earth;
saturating every being
and everything
you see.

And you —
as a pores point
in a coursing sea
of Love
coming from
an Infinite Source.

You—a single spot
in the course
of Love’s Infinite Flow.
With eyes still closed,
breath deeply
and sit with this vision.

—(*really, envision this and breath*)—

Open your eyes, now
take action.

When you’re called
on your hero’s journey —

(We all are, so…)

when YOU are called
on your hero’s journey, know

you are simply asked
to use your unique gifts
to serve our broken world
and show up

as you grow,
as you go
as a point
in Love’s
endless and infinite

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