Shine And Find Your Shadow

Poetry 1 min read
Photographer: Lukas Eggers | Source: Unsplash

(inspired by the Tools, by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels)

There is a Greater Power
residing in your chest—

right now,
take a deep breath…

and shine.

Now exhale
…from deep inside.

You’ll find your shadow fades
and that’s not to say it goes away,
rather, it’s integrated.

Back into your essence
of which, is part of the eternal
inward and outward cosmic flow.
Shine, so the entirety of your true being
is fully known.

Your higher, your lower —
everything and all of you in-between;
Shine so all meaning
is laid bare, all of you
right there.

In this pain,
this uncertainty,
this effort of work.

All of you
won’t be heard, seen
and understood,

yet, still you shine.

And there,
you will see you
turn to yourself,
and receive
in Love.

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