Be 'Perfect' Like Me (Essay 3 of 11 / Written For You, By You, From Your Future)

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Here’s a series of 10 essays written by your future self, speaking to your present self to give you insight, encouragement, and actionable steps to make sure you meet in the future.

Journey Toward Wholeness: Embracing Imperfection

Social media bombards you with images of what appears to be flawless lives.

Photographer: Sujal Patel | Source: Unsplash

It's easy to think life is nothing but a series of flawless events. But you've existed for more than a moment, and you know from your own lived experience — that's far from true.

Take a look at the word 'perfect' from a fresh perspective.

You'll discover two things:

  1. how 'imperfection can be beautiful'
  2. how life can be 'perfect'

Wait! Life can't be perfect when everything and everyone has flaws and faults, right?

Well, here's the thing...
perfection doesn't actually mean being 'without any faults'.

The original meaning is "being full or complete."

Take a moment to let that sink in because it's truly liberating.

Every moment, no matter how big or small, is complete. And each moment adds to your unique story to contribute to the completeness of your life.

So, in essence, every moment is 'perfect' in its own way.

Often, we're conditioned to strive for an unattainable standard of perfection. With this new perspective, it's refreshing to accept that perfection is within each experience.

It's a reminder that even in the face of challenges, setbacks, and 'imperfection',
you're living a complete life.

Challenge the narrow definition of 'perfection'.

Then, revel in the beauty of what I call 'perfect imperfection'.

When you do so, you can enjoy each step of the journey. You can celebrate the fullness of each moment and the richness it brings to your unique story.

After all, life's 'imperfections' make it all the more colorful, meaningful, and truly 'perfect' in its own way.

Life Like an Animation; With Each Cell Complete

Your life is like an animated film.

You have a series of scenes; of highs, lows, successes, and failures, that all shape your unique identity.

Small changes between the scenes create the illusion of motion. Your mind naturally seeks to put meaning between these shifts.

The beauty of life is remembering, each moment is complete. Every moment is full and meaningful just as it is.

Every cell is whole, contributing to the entire animation.

And...most importantly, you're co-collaborating with other animators. You have some say, along with others, in how you draw the cells.

Embrace the completeness of each moment, and find beauty in the continuous flow of life.

You're Evolving, Growing and Changing...As You Should Be

And just like in an animation, the story progresses.

There's growth and change.

To embrace your 'perfection', you have to acknowledge and accept your growth. You know you're always changing, and you're okay with that.

Take a look at your past self; even as a kid, you had a fullness of being despite lacking certain skills.

And you were still full.

Being and growing are active processes of life.

It's about finding fulfillment in every step, no matter how seemingly 'imperfect' it is.

Your unique story gets richer and more meaningful with every experience.

And with each scene, you'll be closer to meeting me, your future self. And get this, even I'm an ever-evolving version of you.

You have to continue navigating your life's ups and downs courageously though.

What to Do With this New Understanding of 'Perfect'?

As a result, the illusion of perfection can lead us astray from life's true essence -- a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Embrace your seemingly 'imperfections', knowing you're whole in each scene and in each moment.

In your present state you are perfect, AND continually evolving and growing.

With that knowledge, you've got nothing to lose.

So take the leap, step out of your comfort zone, and embark on this meaningful journey.

Remember, each step brings you closer to meeting me...your future self.

I am a testament to the beauty of embracing your imperfection.

...And then?

For us to meet, you have to know collaboration and connection play an essential role.

This is because, when you're surrounded by friends and family, life is better. Having companions and sharing experiences helps make sense of life's twists and turns.

It adds depth to your own personal narrative.

That's my next message for you...

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