To Know Mastery, Be Willing to Know Humble Beginnings

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Photographer: Rafael Rex Felisilda | Source: Unsplash

The level of Mastery
can be reached, only if
you begin your journey
with true humility.

is not born
in a day. It’s formed
over time, through effort;
paved with patience
along the way.

The degree of Mastery
is placed in each stumble,
embraced in each stagger.
It lives in each misstep,
It’s left in each stride—
with the utmost respect,
laying aside all pride,
for this chosen
way of life.

To reach,
To achieve,
To eventually realize Mastery—
you must walk
this rugged path
on which you’ve decided
to be placed. Climb the mountain side
holding on to grit and saving grace.
Step-by-step accepting struggles
you face; and continue
keeping in mind your
first humble steps at
a beginner's

If you don't have the humility to be that bad, you'll never get that good. You want to be a master, be willing to be a beginner.

~ Brian Johnson

To Become a Master: We Must Start as a Beginner (Heroic +1 #1,417)
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