Tuned Into Non-verbal Cues

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Photographer: kevin laminto | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: kevin laminto | Source: Unsplash

Non-verbal cues
can be confusing,
Fusing, melding and mashing emotions
masked by silence,
into signals and signs
that find you on the receiving side, like,

“What the hell?!
Like, what does that even mean?”

And you’re rackin’ your brain
when you see
a furrowed brow,
pouted lips,
or crossed arms.

You’re quick to overact
to this seemingly rude act
harming your ego—

sound the alarm (!)
the relationship
is falling apart.

Whereas on their side
they just smelt something funny,
just scratching their nose,
Or just feeling cold.
And you’ve blown out of proportion
this seemingly simple behavior.

Because hey, I get it,
it’s true,
non-verbal cues can be so confusing.
Here’s something that’s helped me,
That maybe might help you

You never really know what a person’s thinking
until it’s something they’ve said.
(and even still, that might not be the truth).

You are not a mind reader,
so refrain from trying to read
or even write the stories
in someone else's head.

Say “Hey, I could be wrong,
however this is what I see,
and to me, this is what it seems.
Can you help me figure out
what this means?

And then just leave it.

They may tell the truth,
Or they may not.
Whatever happens,
it’s a whole lot better

Then you getting caught up
and confused
in the hidden,
invisible lines,
lies and false clues—
of the story
you have ‘bout
someone else’s
non-verbal cues.

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