You Are Lost

Poetry 1 min read
Photographer: Jorge Bermudez | Source: Unsplash

For now,
You are lost—
tossed about
with fear and doubt
of exactly
where you stand.

and unsure—
yet well aware of
the inner dialogue
You’re not here;
you are lost

And, you’re
not exhausted.

Rather, you’re
calm and collected—
not letting it show.
‘Cause from past and future selves
your inner soul already knows,

…you’re okay.
(Yes, you are okay)

‘Cause you’ve been lost
many times before today,
And truth is,
these instances only
temporarily remain.

And with that thought
your fears and
doubts subside—
they fade;

With the understanding
this state of being
is merely a place
on the path
you are passing;
it’s simply
an impermanent point
along life’s way.

’Cause yes, now you are lost,
yet you know, this is not
where you’ll stay.

Get clear
and know
where you desire to go.

Now take
the next step.

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