You Said ‘Someday’

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You tell yourself —

Photographer: Brett Jordan | Source: Unsplash

You’ll write a book,
you’ll travel, or
you’ll learn and practice
to dance and play.

However, “Someday“
seems to never come
your way.

Yet interestingly,
it’s always gone.
and in the flow
of all that is —
time continues
moving on.

Then, there is — “Now”
Today to which you’ve been birthed
“Now”; is the day as well,
in which you’ll leave this earth.
So, no more waiting,
for your time to be perfect,
Memento Mori,
knowing your expression
will be worth it.

Make the climb,
write the words,
and practice your dance
and play your unique song
tuned into your bliss.

Because all you have
is “Now”, and truth is —

Here’s my frame of mind as I sit down to work: This is the day. There is no other day. This is the day. In other words, I release every thought that smacks of, ‘Maybe we can do this some other time.’ There is no other time. Today is the Super Bowl. Today is the day I give birth. Today is the day I die.

Steven Pressfield

This (!) Is the Day: There Is NO Other Time (Heroic +1 #1,401)
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