True Heroism

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Photographer: Silvana Carlos | Source: Unsplash

True Heroism
is not of brawn, nor might;
Not brash boldness
of grandiose sight.

Rather, it comes forth
from compassion;

this is the key.

True Heroism
is developing your special skills
to serve with your unique abilities.

To take the initial step,

To reach back,
To response and move
by adding value through putting
into action the ancient virtues

To run with the charge,
To commit to the mission,
To use all you’ve got,
to make real the vision.

True Heroism
comes from inside.
It comes
from above,
not to be seen, rather,
to elevate others
while grounded in Love.

So listen for it;
on your life’s journey,
there will be
a clear call to adventure.
A distinct voice that,
when heard,
you’ll know it.

You’ll answer
and you’ll show it—
revealing your true being,
because the truth is—
we are all
to be
Truly Heroic.

I taught Junaid (in the white NY shirt) in Thailand when he was fleeing religious persecution and waiting for his visa to the US. Here we reconnected in DC where he introduced me to the rest of his wonderful family.

“True heroism, as the ancients understood, isn’t about strength, or boldness, or even courage. It’s about compassion.”

~ Christopher McDougall

“Buddha, or ‘the enlightened one,’ as he was known at this stage of his life to his disciples, proposed that there was a step more evolved than even enlightenment, or personal release from suffering. It was to share with others the wisdom gained and the experience of higher guidance, and in doing so elevate them to the same stage. Compassion in action. Love as the ultimate superpower encoded in total self-knowing and self-awareness.

Buddha called those who had evolved to this stage of sharing the ultimate truth bodhisattvas. It should be no surprise that the word bodhisattva translates as ‘heroic-minded one,’ or in common parlance ‘superhero.’”

~ Deepak Chopra, in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes

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