A Parent’s One Task

Poetry 1 min read

Your one task as a parent
is to care and provide,
in hopes your child
will eventually thrive.

It is to be ever attentive
and always aware,
of the mountain of needs
your child may bare.

Yes, your parent’s task includes
to feed and clothe,
while providing a safe place to sleep,
Yet, it's more than just
physical needs you meet.
It’s to nurture and guide
with love and affection.
To set your child’s life
on the right path with direction.

To correct and teach,
with discipline, patience and grace,
To hold space, while at the same time,
helping your child
find their place.

You listen and understand,
with an open mind and heart,
as your child grows,
to ultimately know
and play their own part.

Your one task can be arduous
yet through it all, it will be worthwhile,
so now you can smile.


Because after you’ve done your best,
after some time has passed,
After you’ve completed
your one parent’s task,
your child will know
their fullness within themself,
and your child will know —
there’s nothing more
for which they can ask.

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