The Stoic in Life’s Storms

Poetry 1 min read
Photographer: Jean-Pierre Brungs | Source: Unsplash

When the winds of strife arrive
the Stoic strives to avoid misfortune
just as any rational mind.

Yet when tumultuous weather rises
the Stoic still sees it through
Moves forward with a smile
because they realize the truth.

in adversity
we as Stoics always find a chance
to create something greater
to continue forward,
and to advance;
To grow, to press
To expand and progress.
although we don't wish
for hardships to befall
the truth is, the Stoic knows
this is how
we stand tall.

In waves down and up,
weather losing or winnings
the Stoic seeks silver linings
because we know
we’ll find
behind every dark cloud
a clear new beginning.

A calm mind has great power. It generates calm around it — a field of peace in which anger, fear, and violence subside. By learning to calm the mind, each of us can become an instrument of peace.

Eknath Easwaran

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