How to Encourage Expression in Your Child

Poetry 1 min read
Photographer: Etienne Boulanger | Source: Unsplash

Create the space
where your child can explore
their mind,
find meaning in their dreams,
and speak freely,

because they’re
just like you once were
(and are now) —
just trying to figure out life
and their being.

Listen with an open heart
in simple silence
show that you care.
Sincerely seek to understand
their experience
and show
you’ll be there.

Continually encouraging
their expression
through their thoughts
through their fears —
even if through silence
reassuring them,
you’ll still stay near.
It will get tough,
yet, such is love.
(It’s always a choice)

to be a supportive
non-judgmental guide,
while they find
their own voice
and yes,
at times, you will be left
not knowing what to say,
still, create the space
to welcome their expression,
and their words —

their words
will find
a way.

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